Club staff and officers

Ponsonby Cruising Club is run by a mixture of enthusiastic volunteers and even more enthusiastic staff. Any of them would be delighted to take your questions through the contact page, or by turning up at the door.

Everyone is welcome, and you’re bound to bump into one of these people either in the office, or upstairs at the bar!

Grant Macduff


Kelsey Muir

Vice Commodore

 Reuben Cameron – Harken

Rear Commodore

Christine Addison

022 156 8245

Paul Rogers

021 136 5252

Chrisy Bird

Club Captain
021 0220 5398

Dianne Telford

Office Manager
(09) 376 0245


President: Colin Sykes
Patron: Peter Montgomery MBE
Life Members: Kel Connelly, Ray Girven, Dave Jackson, Ernie Seagar, Michele Copeland, Ron Copeland, Clive Carter, John Grey, Dave Nigh, Kevin Gunn
Commodore: Grant Macduff
Vice Commodore: Kelsey Muir
Rear Commodore: Reuben Cameron – Harken
Secretary: Christine Addison
Treasurer: Paul Rogers
Clubhouse Captain: Christine Bird
Honorary Auditor: Brian McPhail
Honorary Solicitor: Harold Kidd & Hamish Ross
Management Committee: Tania Ruri, Kelsey Muir, Graham Andrew, Paul Rogers, Christine Addison, Christine Bird & Kevin Gunn.
Sailing Committee:  Bruce George, Grant Macduff, Taka Hewett, Graham Andrew, Rueben Cameron-Harken, Janet Watkins, Kelsey Muir, Paul Rogers
Mullet Boat Committee: Wendy Muir,  Kelsey Muir, Robert Algie, Kevin Gunn, David Nigh, Kelsey Muir, Taka Hewett, Martin Robertson, Tania Nigh & Garry Murie
Watchman Committee: Kevin Gunn, Antony Collett, Geoff Rogers, Andrew Beavis & Catherine Wenzel
House Committee:   Christine BirdPat Goldstiver, Lindsay Edmonds, Diane Billing, John Campbell,  Penelope Carroll, Margaret Jones, Jan Hughes & Phoebe Falconer
AYBA Delegate: Janet Watkins

L Class Measurer:  Gary Matthews, Geoff Bagnall.


To be a progressive, financially sound, high profile boating club reflecting our nautical heritage in attractive, secured, fully utilised premises at Westhaven.

To providing quality rewarding training, sailing and social activities within a friendly atmosphere, competently run by voluntary and paid personnel.